• 1930s – The first toothbrush made from Plastic finds its way into individual homes and is promptly celebrated as a fantastic idea that is now available for anyone and everyone.
    – Cut to 2021 – That toothbrush is still intact (mostly) somewhere as a part of a landfill or at the bottom of the ocean as are the others that have followed it
  • The Toothbrush is the most important invention – 2003 MIT London’s survey 
  • Plastic Toothbrushes are the second largest contributors of plastic pollution on the planet
  • Today, Over 6 billion Plastic toothbrushes are manufactured every year globally – That’s 150,000 metric tonnes tonnes of plastic waste to the planet… every year!!!
    – Nearly of them end up in landfills or at the bottom of our oceans 
  • Through groundwater or seafood, the chemicals will enter our food chain 
  • India alone discards about 180 crore (1.80 billion) plastic toothbrushes annually – That’s over 45,000 metric tonnes of plastic waste to the planet… just India!!! – If we laid each of these one behind another, they would go around the earth 27 times.. 27 TIMES .. Just India.. In just a year!!!
  • Will provide an image of the Earth being choked with brushes for this – Now, multiply that by what we’ve thrown away in the past 80 years…What exactly are we doing to the ONLY planet that can sustain life? 
  • Let’s Recycle? Plastic toothbrushes are almost impossible to recycle because of their complex composition and small parts 
  • IMMORTALITY BECOMES REAL: due to its inability to biodegrade or recycle, the plastic toothbrush is literally … IMMORTAL

In Essence, Plastic toothbrushes are an easily replaceable indulgence that the planet does not need and certainly cannot afford.