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What would you do when you realise that plastic toothbrushes are the second largest cause of plastic pollution in the world, and that over 6 billion toothbrushes are discarded every year which amount to 150,000 Metric Tonnes of plastic waste every year?

We did, and decided to do something about it.That’s exactly how AEV was born. AEV means ‘ONLY’ What does AEV signify?

We are faced with 2 ‘Onlys’ today

First, Earth is the ‘Only’ known planet that supports life

Second, Sustainable lifestyles are the ‘Only’ way that Earth will continue supporting life

AEV is the private label of Aspar Eco Ventures, a social enterprise that was started with an aim to promote sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Why Bamboo Toothbrushes are a solution to a cleaner & greener planet

Why Bamboo Toothbrushes are a solution to a cleaner & greener planet

  • A traditional solution that’s been around for centuries
  • Bamboo is a type of grass, not a tree or plant – hence, renewable and biodegradable
  • Can (re)grow upto 1 metre a day
  • Is naturally an anti bacterial and anti fungal
  • Flexible enough to be moulded into various usable shapes
  • Biodegradable, so, can be added to daily wet waste and composted
  • Can be manufactured end-to-end inside India – Low Carbon Footprint
  • Does not require any chemical processing, hence does not leave residues
  • Helps offset CO2 emissions
  • Can be packed in an environment friendly manner

Made in India

All AEV products are manufactured entirely in India. The focus is on small, marginal farmers & communities


AEV's packaging is made from recycled paper - no trees were cut to package the product


Most AEV products are made from highly regenerative bamboo - the most sustainable materials used.

Eco friendly

All AEV products are manufactured in a manner that it is not harsh on our environment


AEV Products are entirely biodegradable in composting environments


AEV products are made without use of animal products or parts and is entirely cruelty free

Our Power in Numbers

10000 +
Units sold
50 +
Strategic Partners
1 +
Tons of plastics avoided

Aspar Eco Ventures

AEV is an attempt to shift the onus of Sustainability from the user to the source. To go beyond the 4 R’s of Sustainability
i.e., Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

TN Subramaniyan

TN Subramaniyan

Subramaniyan (Subbu) is a career banker with 24 years of Corporate experience in BFSI and FMCG. He plunged into the field of sustainability since January 2019 and has been instrumental in identifying several areas of enhancing sustainable living


Parvez is the brain behind the organic tilt and has a rich experience of 17 years across various companies. He also spent 2 years working in an organic farm to enrich his knowledge about sustainability and good farming practices

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