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Facts of Plastic Toothbrush

June 20, 2021

A great invention that has rapidly risen to become the second largest cause of plastic pollution in the world today which threatens to choke land and sea life due to the slow rate of decomposition. Plastic toothbrushes today are made out of rubberised plastic, which releases toxic fumes into the environment right at the manufacturing […]

Why Bamboo?

June 10, 2021

The question may be 2 words long, but we could discuss the answer all day long! Maybe, the shortest could be ‘Why Not”? Yes, Why not Bamboo? It’s renewable, it’s eco-friendly, it’s abundant, its bio-degradable, it’s vegan, it’s renewable, and it’s local.. phew! Let’s take it one at a time.. Bamboo is renewable. Bamboo is […]


May 28, 2021

PLASTIC TOOTHBRUSH – A BRIEF HISTORY AND THE POSSIBLE FUTURE 1930s – The first toothbrush made from Plastic finds its way into individual homes and is promptly celebrated as a fantastic idea that is now available for anyone and everyone. – Cut to 2021 – That toothbrush is still intact (mostly) somewhere as a part […]

How to dispose your AEV product Sustainably

May 20, 2021

Disposing any AEV Products is extremely simple. Since all AEV products are bio-degradable, simply drop them in your wet waste/ compost bin. AEV products are packed in boxes made from recycled paper, so simply add them to your newspaper or other dry waste bin. In the case of bamboo earbuds, they may be packed in […]