The question may be 2 words long, but we could discuss the answer all day long! Maybe, the shortest could be ‘Why Not”?

Yes, Why not Bamboo?

It’s renewable, it’s eco-friendly, it’s abundant, its bio-degradable, it’s vegan, it’s renewable, and it’s local.. phew!

Let’s take it one at a time..

Bamboo is renewable. Bamboo is a grass, not a tree, botanically speaking. Which means that a bamboo shoot will continue to regenerate and grow as long as it’s roots are not touched. A fully grown bamboo shoot is known to grow as much as 1 metre a day!

Bamboo is eco-friendly because it’s bio-degradable. And AEV Bamboo Toothbrushes have bristles made of Nylon 4, which are also compostable. Which means, your toothbrush turns to dust in 8-10 months! Unlike
plastic toothbrushes which are likely to take over 500 years to decompose (by best estimates)

Bamboo sourced from the North East of India are abundantly available. As a policy, all AEV products are
sourced end-to-end within India. No imports, no outside maal!

When you buy AEV, you support an Indian Farmer, an Indian worker and an Indian enterprise!